Vertical GPU Mounting

Thanks to rotating the motherboard by 90 degrees, the GPU can now be vertically installed to showcase its impressive side, parallel to the fans at the rear.

  • GPU length supports up to 370mm (30mm thick fan installed at the bottom)

Futuristic and Magnificent View

  • A sleek, space-inspired design featuring dual tempered glass side panels provides a clear and futuristic view all around
  • Light up your setup with the 3mm thick, 10mm wide ARGB strip at the front, effortlessly toggling between 12 preset lighting modes through the LED controller

Vertical Airflow Pathway

Featuring a vertical airflow pathway that centralizes heat to deliver enhanced thermal efficiency and can also give cool air to the critical components simultaneously.

One Chassis, Two Display Modes

Flipping the chassis vertically or horizontally lets you easily switch between left and right-side views. The left side features an unobstructed appearance while the right side features fans and mesh panels at the front. All you need is to adjust the positions of the stands into vertical or horizontal setups.

Hidden-Connector Motherboards

The chassis supports standard ATX, M-ATX, and ITX motherboards, along with the latest hidden-connector motherboards designed by ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE. Achieve an ultra-tidy PC setup with outstanding cable management, as messy cables are neatly placed on the back, providing a clean look at the front.

Compact Dual-Chamber

The PSU is hidden in the second chamber, reducing cable clutter and creating a clean aesthetic at the front.

Vast Cooling Support

Cooling supports up to 10x 120mm fans and 2x 360mm radiators

Storage Options

  • Supports up to 5 x 2.5" SSD or 3 x 3.5" HDD