2nd batch pre-order update

2nd batch pre-order update

2nd batch shipping update: Delayed to late-May


The Port of LA is experiencing a record-breaking processing delay, creating massive congestion and ships are unable to unload inventory, thus delaying all shipments.
The estimated date for the second batch pre-order to arrive at retailers is around late May.

Timeline of our cargo ship”MSC LA SPEZIA” for first batch

  • Cargo ship returns from Port of LA:
    the cargo ship we booked,  "MSC LA SPEZIA", delayed the trip to CN for picking up due to the congestion at Port of LA..

  • Cargo ship travel from CN to LA (ship sailed on 2/24, 2 weeks on the sea + 2-3 weeks in LA traffic):
    The "MSC LA SPEZIA", carrying the first batch of the Meshlicious is currently on the way from China to LA, which will take 16 days to arrive at Port of LA, but another 14-21 days in LA traffic to process and unload.

  • 1-2 weeks for Newegg:
    Lastly, it will take an additional 1-2 weeks to transport and warehouse to Newegg.

  • The estimated date for when the first batch of Meshlicious will be available at Newegg, is 4/20.


If you would like to check the vessel status, please click here.

Again, we apologize for the delay!

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