Key Features

  1. Double Your Glow with the independently controlled dual RGB zone featuring 60 LEDs
  2. Translucent side frames provide clear and streamlined RGB lighting
  3. Customize each RGB zone with 12 meticulously crafted lighting modes
  4. Slide-In Daisy-Chain Solution helps reduce cable clutter and improves fan connection
  5. Effortless Plug-In Connector Design helps avoid interference with the chassis and the radiator fittings
  6. 28mm fan thickness with enhanced cooling performance
  7. Simple Lighting Control through the included LED Controller
  8. Link up the fans with the included 500mm bridge cable with better cable management

Double Your Glow Power

Experience our glorious dual-RGB zone fan, featuring 30 LEDs in each zone for stunning lighting. You can control each layer independently through the included LED controller to create a vibrant, customizable ambiance that subtly enhances your space.

  • The LEDs are powered up by the 5V 3-pin ARGB header
  • The LED controller is only included in the 3-Pack Kit

Clear Streamlined RGB Lighting

Crafted with translucent side frames, elegantly highlighting your setup with uninterrupted, continuous RGB illumination.

Versatile Lighting Control

Easily switch between gaming and work modes with preset lighting effects. Customize the upper or lower-layer RGB Zones using the included LED controller to illuminate your setup according to your preference. Show off your unique lighting style effortlessly.

  • To achieve the best lighting effects, we recommend connecting a minimum of three fans in a group, preferably connecting the fan series in two groups of three

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Slide-In Daisy-Chain Solution

Streamlining cable management during assembly, our daisy-chain mechanism effortlessly connects up to 6 fans while ensuring secure connections.

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Effortless Plug-In Connector Design

Thanks to the plug-in connector design of the power and bridge cable, it can prevent interfering with the chassis and the radiator fittings.

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The fans are designed with a 28mm thickness for increased airflow and air pressure, resulting in better performance on radiators and mesh/dust filters compared with standard 25mm thickness fans. The fan motor features a Fluid Dynamic Bearing, which helps stabilize the fan hub and improves durability when in operation.


68.87 ± 5% CFM


3 ± 5%


32.3 ± 5%


2300 RPM

Simple, but not Easy

Showcase your setup with the included ARGB controller that features 12 preset lighting modes that are designed for various usage scenarios, featuring a total of 100 groups of color combinations. Moreover, the controller comes with a mounting structure for the latest SSUPD chassis (please check compatibility).

  • The LED controller is only included in the 3-Pack Kit.
  • Note: Due to voltage limitations of the 5V 3-pin headers, the fans can only connect up to 4 fans via the motherboard, and up to 6 fans via the LED controller.

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Link Up the Fans

The 3-pack/1-pack kits include a 500mm bridge cable that allows you to connect up to 6 fans in series using a single power cable.

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Model Black (3-Pack) White (3-Pack) Black (1-Pack) White (1-Pack)
Number of Fans 3 3.0 1 1.0
LED Controller Yes NaN No NaN