HDMI Cable

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Style: HDMI 2.0
Designed with low-profile up angle plugs, it requires a mere 23mm clearance height, minimizing connector length while maximizing the size of the graphics card installable. Built with single-strand copper cores, 24K gold-plated connectors, and 30AWG copper conductor with foil and AL braiding shielding, it ensures clear, reliable signals, and amazing video quality. The 90-degree design is perfect for tight spaces and efficient cable management. Plus, the right angle plug ensures a snug fit, reducing cable interface damage caused by twisted cable pressure. Moreover, the design ensures connectors do not interfere side by side, allowing multiple cable connections without any interference.

    Allows Meshroom S support larger GPU

    Designed with low-profile up-angle plugs and a 23mm clearance height, it allows the installation of larger GPUs while minimizing connector length.

    Multiple Shielding protaction

    Designed with multiple shielding layers, 24K gold-plated connectors, and tin-plated copper cores to ensure clear, stable, and astonishing visual quality.

    Optimal Fit, Minimal Damage

    Maximize space and minimize damage with the 90-degree connecting cable, designed for tight spaces and optimal cable management, reducing interface damage from twisted cable pressure.

    Connect More, Interfere Less

    Experience seamless connectivity with the connecting cable, designed to prevent interference even when multiple cables are plugged side by side.

    Cable length without connectors
    195 cm

    Upper angle connector head length
    DP upper angle head: 33.5 mm height, 20mm x 19mm width
    HDMI upper angle head: 25 mm height, 19mm x 23mm width
    Connector type
    Upper angle to direct

    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    145mm x 145mm x 33mm

    Net weight
    118 g

    1 year
    Package dimensions (L x W x H)
    225mm x 145mm x 35mm

    Gross weight
    172 g

    Package contents
    Display port cable or HDMI cable

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