Meshlicious is a combination of Mesh and Delicious. Up to four sides of highly perforated mesh panels is the defining characteristic of this case. There’s so much mesh that your mouth will water. Full, breathable, mesh panels on all sides let you savor the airflow and minty temps.

The Motherboard tray for Meshlicious functions as a divider splitting the available space between Motherboard + CPU side vs. GPU side.

3-Slot GPU mode and 4-Slot GPU mode is basically how much space is allocated to the GPU side. Allocating more space to the GPU side will limit the amount of space left for the Motherboard + CPU side.

Yes, we recommend 3-Slot GPU mode for 2-Slot or more GPUs.

Yes, we recommend 3-Slot GPU mode for 3-Slot *only if the side panel by the GPU is the Mesh Side Panel. Otherwise, we recommend 4-Slot GPU mode for 3-Slot or more GPUs.

CPU cooler height up to 73mm is supported in 3-GPU Slot mode.

CPU cooler height up to 53mm is supported in 4-GPU Slot mode.

No. In order to be compatible with these types of coolers, the Meshlicious would need to be a lot bigger in both volume and footprint, which defeats the purpose of a small form factor system.

Yes, but only in 3-Slot GPU mode.

The pump head on those NZXT AIOs is too tall for 4-Slot GPU mode where there is less space available on the Motherboard + CPU side.

However, EKWB, Corsair, Lian Li 240, and 280 AIOs have been tested to work.

Not all Mini-DTX has been tested to fit, however, the Asus Crosshair VIII Impact will work if used with a 20cm or long riser.

Up to six 2.5” drives can fit inside the case if paired with horizontal GPU (see instruction manual for more details).

Up to three 2.5" drives can fit inside the case if paired with vertical GPU (see instruction manual for more details).

Up to two 3.5” drives can fit inside the case if paired with horizontal GPU (see instruction manual for more details).

Yes, ATX Power Supply up to 160mm is supported.

Yes, SFX Power supply and SFX-L power supply are both supported.

Yes, but the motherboard BIOs for PCIe must be set to PCIe 3.0

Yes, 90 Degree / Right Angle HDMI 1.4 cable comes in the box.

90 Degree / Right Angle DisplayPort cable is available on our store.

At this moment, PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable certification is not finalized. As a result, there are no *certified PCIe 4.0 Riser Cables on the market, only *compatible ones.

We don't want to offer a PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable that may *not work later. So this upgrade option is not possible at this time.

Low Profile HDMI cable comes in the box, but only necessary if using a GPU 320mm or longer like the MSI Supreme X, Gaming X Trio.

HDMI is included by default because it’s more versatile. Compared to DisplayPort, HDMI is more common for monitors and television sets, and some motherboards come standard with a HDMI port but no DisplayPort port (ex: MSI B550I Gaming), so HDMI was included.

To that end, both angled HDMI and angled DisplayPort should not interfere with other connectors for multiple display configurations.

We also have a low profile angled DisplayPort 1.4 in the works for those in need. 

Meshlicious with PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable installed is available in certain regions. The standalone PCIe 4.0 Riser as an upgrade kit is also available. 

Given the substantial cost of PCIe 4.0 Riser and negligible benefits currently (see TechPowerUp review conclusion), it is not included in the base model. 

280 AIO is recommended because it offers similar performance to a 360mm AIO, where 280 AIOs tend to be cheaper than 360 AIOs.

The biggest AIO tested to fit is the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280, but it is a very tight fit. Other more common 280 AIOs from NZXT, Corsair and Deepcool will also fit.

Fans in exhaust or negative pressure setup should yield the best cooling results. This is true for most sandwich layout cases.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO will fit